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AnasayfaHaberlerKill the Friend Zone and Turn Your Best Friend Into Your Boyfriend

Kill the Friend Zone and Turn Your Best Friend Into Your Boyfriend

If this is true, and trying to get out of the friend zone is something that’s been dwelling on your mind for some time, check out what we think is the best way to do it!

Maybe these thoughts of trying to leave the friend zone even scare you a bit. I mean, this is still someone you’ve had in your life as a friend and you are kind of used to that. Lots of doubts can surface if you consider trying to switch that up!

Especially if you’re not sure where he stands when it comes to you two. Also if this is a person who’s been a really good friend over the years and means a lot to you, there’s always that fear of messing things up and losing them altogether.

It’s not easy deciding you want to take that step out of the friend zone, I know, but you know what? If it works out it will be so worth it don’t you think? Sure, making things awkward and jeopardizing your friendship is one of the possible outcomes – and that’s usually the thing that’s stopping us from even getting our feelings out in the open.

But what if things don’t go south from the moment you let him know you like him more than just as a friend? What about the other possible outcome, the positive one? Wouldn’t that be just an awesome moment in your life? The moment you realize the person you like likes you back, and you’ve already got this amazing friendship you can base your relationship on!

If making the first step still worries you take it easy! There are ways to sort of test the waters before you plain out come and say “Hey, I like like you! I want to try something more than being just friends!”

Find Your Innuendo!

You don’t want to pluck up the courage to say what you want to say just when your friend is obviously infatuated with another girl. If you’re good friends or if you’re in the same group of friends you’ll probably know what’s going on in his love life. So, find the right time for trying to start things up!

You making a move on him is going to be somewhat of a shock, at least, so you don’t want to catch him during a bad moment. You’ve waited for so long, it won’t kill you to wait just a little bit more, especially if it’ll up your chances of leaving the friend zone with this guy!

Don’t Sit on Two Chairs!

Just like you don’t want him to be otherwise engaged when you break the news to him, you definitely don’t want to have some unresolved love stories on your part. Especially if he, as your friend, knows about them.

If you’ve been talking about other guys with him just weeks before you show your interest in him, it probably won’t go as great as it could. As I’ve said, you making a move on him is going to be a bit of a shock at first, so you want to come off as serious about it as you possibly can.

Drop Little Hints!

If you’re friends it shouldn’t be difficult for you to compliment him once in a while! Just a little ‘You look cute today!” or “You’re such a nice guy” here and there are enough to tell him you like who he is, if it wasn’t already clear enough. This will significantly lessen the shock of you wanting something more, plus, it’ll give you a chance to kind of read him based on his reaction.

You know, it’s quite possible he likes you back but is also keeping it a secret, so these little comments might give him the courage to tell you some stuff. And that can be a huge confidence booster when it comes to this whole getting out of the friend zone thing.

Break the Touch Barriers!

There are casual ways of touching someone, and there are ways of doing it in a more romantic-like manner. You know what I’m talking about! Don’t fist bump his as much as you did before, and maybe switch to some lingering, more intense touches followed by some eyes locking.

No matter how ridiculous and planned out it may sound – our brains are programed to read all these body language signals and he’ll definitely get an idea that you’re a girl. Like, a woman, a sexual being, someone he could possibly have feelings for – not just his crazy friend!

Impress Him!

If you’re good friends he’s probably seen so many of your looks, including the messy I-just-rolled-out-of-bed-don’t-care-about-being-presentable look. In fact, that’s probably the one he gets to see most often, when you’re just relaxing, chilling, hanging out at home, talking, as friends. And as your guy friend he’s probably detached from the female, sexy side of your persona.

So, why not show him you can do all kinds of friend-stuff with him and look the part, but also get all dolled up sometimes! If he isn’t used to seeing you look this hot, showing him that side of you is definitely going to put some ideas in his mind. And those ideas may just help you with your goal of escaping the friend zone once and for all.

Upfront is the Way to Go!

Now that you’ve got all the, eh, preparations, done with – there’s only one thing left to do. I mean, if he hasn’t already made the move on you! What? It can happen! Anyways, if he’s still slightly oblivious to what’s actually going on, your next step is simply letting it all out. There’s not much you can do with the situation if you don’t gather up the nerve to tell him how you feel.

Look at it this way – at that point you’re done. It’s up to him now. And at least the whole torture of being there with him, but not in the way you want to – is over. You’ll feel like a huge burden of keeping it all in has been lifted of your shoulder, if nothing else. Your cards are now on the table, it’s his move, and all you have to do is hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Have you ever tried to get out of the friend zone? How did it go? Do you regret it? Share your stories in the comments bellow!


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