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15 Great Short Curly Hairstyles

It’s usual that the girls who have straight hair wish they had curls and the girls who have curly hair hate it and want it to be straight. But with all the hair styling products available today it’s easy to take it from straight to curly in a matter of minutes! If you have naturally curly hair or if you just like curling it you should know that there are many advantages to having curls!

Beautiful curls give any haircut that elegance and softness that straight hair just can’t! Curly hair looks pretty, feminine, and carefree! And if it’s naturally curly, all the better! Plus naturally curly hair does not get oily as fast as straight hair does!
So, now that you’ve decided you love your curly hair (hopefully) let us show you all the great ways you can style it!

1. A Bob

A Bob (via http://www.new-hairstyles-pictures.com)

Bob haircuts have been huge for the last couple of years! Medium, short, straight, curly, you name it… A bob is eternal, and a curly bob – well a curly bob is just the cutest thing! There are lots of celebrities who’ve rocked the short curly bob – Eva Longoria, Charlize Theron, Rihanna, Meg Ryan, Katy Perry… So, you can even find a good pic and take it with you to the salon!

Whether you chose to go A line or straight, it is going to be easy to manage and self-styling! The great thing about this hairstyle is that it can look both casual and elegant with little to no effort! Just don’t forget to consider your face shape when deciding which type of a bob you’d like, ‘cause that’s very important.

2. Layers, Layers and More Layers

It’s important to have your hairdresser layer your beautiful curly locks because with curls – it makes all the difference in the world! Layering gives curly hair that bounce, lightness, freshness and texture! This is important, especially if your hair is short! You want it to have that healthy movement and flow and not look dried out and dead. So short layered haircuts are great for curly hair!

3. Grown Out Pixie Cut

Grown Out Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts are all the rage lately. Emma Watson’s had one for quite some time now, Halle Berry as well, and recently Rihanna started sporting one too! What’s so great about getting a pixie cut is that you’ve pretty much saved yourself from all hair related issues from that moment on. Pixies are still considered fierce and kind of edgy but also, they can look so feminine.

If you have naturally curly hair, a pixie cut that’s just long enough that you can see the curl in your hair is probably one of the hottest haircuts you can get! Sure it takes some guts to chop off that much, but if you’re open to going that short – the pixie cut might just be the way to go!

4. The Curly Mohawk

Typically Mohawks are considered to be a bit “out there”. You know, they’re not really girly. Well, not quite! Just check out pictures of Rihanna from the period she rocked the curly Mohawk and you’ll see – it actually looks ultra-feminine! Not all are prepared to buzz everything from the sides and flaunt all their curls right on the top but if you’re up for something different that’s going to draw attention – this is the look for you!

5. Bob with Bangs

Bob with Bangs (via http://www.glamourista.nl)

Are you confused that I’m talking about short CURLY hairstyles and bringing bangs into the picture? Well don’t be! Usually bangs aren’t even considered to be an option when you have curly hair, but there are some girls who can pull it off! Halle Berry’s done it, Jada Pinkett Smith too! So, would you be so daring? A few short strands of your beautiful curly hair framing your face might just be what your bob haircut needs!

6. Afro

Afro haircuts are making a huge come-back! They haven’t been this popular since the 60’s, but recently, so many ladies are choosing to go natural! If you’re an African American woman who has beautiful curls you can rock an afro like no other! Lose the wigs and extensions, forget about braiding or relaxers and just let your curls show like so many famous colored beauties do! You can see the model Yaya DaCosta rocking a beautiful afro, as well as singer Erykah Badu!

7. Curly Fohawk

Curly Fohawk (via http://www.thestyleandbeautydoctor.com)

‘Fohawk’ is slang for fake Mohawk! And why is it fake? ‘Cause with this one, unlike with an actual Mohawk, you don’t shave off the sides! So this is a great option for those who aren’t ready to face the buzzer! You don’t have to anyway! This hairstyle can look just are pretty and stunning braided up – just like the rapper and dancer Teyana Taylor does hers!

8. Flapper Girl Hairstyle

Flapper girls were the ‘it’ girls in the 20’s, and for a good reason too! They were the daring ones who bobbed their hair, wore shorter skirts, partied and made up their own rules! Today a flapper girl hairstyle is so classy and chic it’s a constant on the red carpet – Madonna’s done it, Nicole Richie’s done it, Gray’s anatomy star Ellen Pompeo’s done it and so many other celebs! Sure, this isn’t the type of hairstyle you can flaunt every day, but it’s simply perfect for special occasions and glamorous events!

9. Loose Curls

Loose Curls (via http://www.short-hair-style.com)

You’re curls don’t have to be perfectly defined and bouncy for a curly short hairstyle! If you normally have straight hair but like to wear it curly this will be pretty hard to pull off anyway… Slightly messy and loose curls work great with short hairstyles too! So get to work with your curling iron and then shake, shake, shake when you’re done! It’ll turn out great, just check out pictures of Maria Menounos from the period she rocked the short bob with loose curls, or, pics of Kelly Clarkson and Jessica Simpson!

10. Ringlets

Have your hair strands fall down in a beautiful spiral curls! This kind of hairstyle’s been around since the Roman ages – and it’s still fashionable till this day! If you’re one of the lucky ladies who have natural curls that go in the ringlet fashion that’s pretty much all the styling you’ll need – it’ll look glammed up no matter what. If not, you may have to resort to some trickery to get these gorgeous spiral locks, but it should be worth it! Just look at some of the celebrities who’ve opted for this look – you’ve got Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Eva Longoria, Nicole Kidman and many others! Ringlets are here to stay and they look great on short hair!

11. Curly Short Crop

Curly Short Crop (via http://www.hair.becomegorgeous.com)

Don’t think that a crop is only a safe option if you have straight hair! This is actually one of the most versatile styles out there – you can style it and own it no matter if your hair is wavy, straight or curly!

The thing about a crop hairstyle is that it often gets confused with a pixie cut, both by hairdressers and their customers. So, it can sometimes happen that you ask for one thing and get something slightly different. In order to clear the confusion and prevent a possible disaster trip to the salon, get your facts about these two hairstyles straight before you choose either one! Pixie cuts have shorter layers throughout (the length of hair is approximately 1.5 – 2 inches) and crop cuts have longer layers on top or just in the bangs (those layers can be up to 4 inches in length).

12. Stacked Bob

A Stacked Bob gives you more fullness and nicely cut curls also give you more fullness, so, a curly stacked bob is like the very, very, successful marriage of the two! If you don’t know what a Stacked Bob is – just think Victoria Beckham, after all, she’s the one who made it hot! She wore it straight of course but you get the picture. Adding curls to that equation basically can’t go wrong. Just imagine how cute it would look! Actually you don’t have to imagine – just check out the pics of Rihanna or Mad Men star January Jones! They’ve been known to rock the red carpet sporting a gorgeous curly Stacked Bob!

13. Curls Gone Wild

There’s this weird presumption in our minds that curly hair needs to be really defined and all prepped up, especially when it’s short. This is wrong! Short AND MESSY curly hair will look just as amazing as long and messy curly hair! You know that just-rolled-out-of-bed-didn’t-bother-to-comb-my-hair look that’s been all the rage lately? You can pull that off like a pro! Just mess up those curls!

14. From Slick to Frizzy

Okay, this may not be a well-known hairstyle per say like a Bob or a Mohawk, but it’s a style nonetheless! And a daring one at that! Try to tame the top of your naturally curly hair and pin it back or on both sides, leaving the massive curling and frizzing (it just adds to the look) to happen below the pinned up part. This hairstyle will work even better if you have straight hair and use a curling iron to curl it, then you can make the top part really slick and polished and the bottom super frizzy and wild! Wondering who we got the idea from? Jessie J, at the Brit Awards! She flaunted something like this and she looked awesome!

15. Side Swept Curls

Pull all your curls to one side and make it really 60s and glamorous! It’s extremely easy to do with some pins and a little hairspray, but looks red carpet worthy – as so many celebs have shown us! Typically we see this do on those with luscious long manes but don’t be fooled short-haired girls can pull this one off too! And so many of them have done it really nicely over the years – Rachel McAdams, Carrie Preston, Shannon Kane, Emma Stone and many other Hollywood ladies!


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