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3 Pretty Hairstyles For School

The trees are changing colors, the air smells of fall and it’s school time again. I loved this time of the year and always wanted to look my best going back to school. So, this is a sure recipe for winning the heart of your little princess – cutest hairstyles for school.

If your girl is not thrilled with you messing with her hair, then try making everything into a game, play hairdresser. Make sure that besides the basic tools like a comb, a hairbrush, different color elastic bands, hair clips and bobby pins, you have an arsenal of beautiful satin bows, headbands and every kind of pretty hair accessories for little girls you can find.

Be gentle, patient and most of all creative. Any of these styles can be varied with a few small changes. Show the pictures to your little client and be open to suggestions, because you know that nothing beats children’s imagination.

Dutch Braid

Dutch Braid (via http://www.hairstylesvane.com)

1. Brush out the little lady’s hair to remove any knots.

2. Make a part starting from one ear, over the top of the head, to the other ear.

3. Braid the top section of the hair into a firm Dutch braid, starting at one side, all the way over the head. Secure it with an elastic at the end.

4. Tie the lower part of the hair into a ponytail.

5. Take the braid, twist around the elastic that ties the ponytail and secure with bobby pins. Hide the bobby pins well.

5 Little buns

5 Little buns (via http://www.hairstylesvane.com)

1. Like with the previous style, brush out the hair to remove any knots.

2. Divide the hair into two halves, making the part from one ear over the top of the head and down to the other ear. You can leave the bangs out if you want.

3. Now, divide the top part into three equal sections. Divide the lower half into two sections.

4. Twist each of the sections into a little bun and secure with bobby pins. Don’t make them too tight and feel free to leave them a little messy.

Braids and Braids

Braids and Braids (via http://www.sheknows.com)

1. Again, brush your little princess’ hair to remove any knots.

2. Make a deep side part all the way to the back of the head.

3. Now, divide the bigger part of hair into three sections and the other side into two sections. (You can vary the number of sections depending on the thickness and length of the child’s hair.)

4. Tie each of the sections into a little ponytail.

5. Then braid each of the ponytails and secure with an elastic at the end. To make the style more interesting, use the elastics in different colors.

So with a little patience and a lot of braids, buns and colors, your little girl’s locks can be ready for school (or any other occasion, for that matter) in just a few minutes. These pretty hairstyles are quick and easy to make and every girl will love them. And the best thing is that, besides looking beautiful, their hair will be out of their face and they’ll be ready for school, extracurricular activities, sports, or even a party without much fuss.

Cover photo: aleciarachel.wordpress.com


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