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5 Quotes to Keep You Motivated

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does. ~ William James

It’s easy to convince ourselves that little ‘cheats’ don’t matter. That one little piece of cake won’t hurt our diet too much. Or, playing hooky from work to get in a round of golf is no big deal because the boss will never find out.

While it’s okay to give yourself a little treat every now and again, you have to be honest with how often you’re rewarding yourself with things that won’t get you any closer to your goals. Maybe that one piece of cake once a year on your birthday is no big deal. But give yourself one extra piece of cake a week, at roughly 235 calories a pop, and you’ve got 12,220 calories a year. That’s enough for you to gain almost four pounds without even trying! So, does one piece of cake now make a difference? I’d say so!

Every decision you make has the consequence of getting you one step closer or one step further from your goal. So, next time you find yourself at a decision making point, ask yourself which one you’d rather be. Maybe it will be worth it to delay your goal. If it is-great. If it’s not, then just say ‘no.’

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts ~ Eleanor Roosevelt
Eleanor Roosevelt (via http://www.history.com)

When you embark on new changes, it’s hard to see beyond your current struggle. You tell yourself that it will always be hard, which makes giving up so appealing. But, just as riding a bike became easier the more you did it, the same is true with change in any area of your life. It will get easier if you just give it time.

This quote also says that each new day brings about strength, which is very true. As you have experiences in life, you learn from them.

The problem comes in when you don’t learn from your mistakes. So, if you fail a little bit today don’t worry. Just take what you learned from your experience and use it to your advantage later in your journey. It’s likely that you’ll have plenty of opportunity.

I don’t believe you have to be better than everybody else. I believe you have to be better than you ever thought you could be. ~ Ken Venturi

How much time do you spend wishing you had someone else’s qualities, physical features or even their life? You think that your life would be better if you were more like them.

What if that was possible and you could be like them? What if you could take bits and pieces from other people and create the perfect you? If you picture it, what do you see? Do you still see you?

Part of what makes us special is that we’re all unique. We’re all different. How much fun would it be if all of your friends were the same? What if they all liked the same movies, laughed at the same jokes and responded the same way as you?

Embrace the qualities you have. They are what makes you, you! And, it’s a you that your friends and family are quite fond of, so why try to be someone else?

Now there’s no harm in making yourself better and that is what this quote is also about. Just make sure that you are improving yourself and not trying to turn yourself into someone else. That person is already taken.

Expect problems and eat them for breakfast ~ Alfred A. Montapert

What a powerful, motivating quote! It’s like you can picture yourself as a tiger, ready to pounce on anything that crosses your path. Grr!

Sometimes it’s easy to have a pity party and be sad and upset about your life. “I have it so hard because (insert pity here).” Or, “I’d achieve my goals, but (insert excuse here).”

Everyone has struggles, hurdles that try to prevent them from reaching their goals. You’re no different.

You have two options. Let the hurdles define you or, in the words of Montapert, “eat them for breakfast.” If you approach life’s challenges with the attitude that you will prevail, then you will prevail.

Why? Because you’ll accept nothing less. But, if you let the hurdles trip you up and you stay down, then the only one you can blame is yourself. So, awaken that inner tiger and make him roar!

If you’re going through hell, keep going ~ Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill (via anothereyeopens.com)

Sometimes you go through periods in life when it seems like your struggles continue to grow and grow and you can’t see any relief in sight.

You have to ask yourself what type of person you’d rather be, victim or victor? Are you going to be the one who keeps on trying, despite the pain and frustration, or do want to be the one who lies down in the middle of the field and waves the white flag, succumbing to your defeat?

Sure, life can be tough at times. But, sometimes you have to fight through the pain. Look it in the eye and say, “I will prevail. I am stronger than you.”

It may seem unfair when you’re hurting and others seem to be living the happy life. But, you don’t always know other people’s struggles. Maybe they’re going through a difficult time right now, and you just aren’t aware of it. Or, perhaps they just finished a hard period in their life and are on the downslide.

The point is, that you can’t just quit. You have to keep going, keep moving forward.

I hope that these quotes leave you inspired and motivated to continue the pursuit of your dreams and goals. You’ll get there. It’s just a matter of when!


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