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5 Ways to Make Your Home Cozy for the Fall

1. Bring the Fall Colors Inside!

With fall comes stimulating color and foliage that makes this season unique. Let this time of year inspire you to use these natural colors to your advantage! Oranges, reds, yellows, and dark browns when used strategically, can be harmonious. Check out this modern living room:; the fun orange/white vases and throw pillows along with the cozy blanket are all subtle natural touches. The psychedelic posters are by poster designer Yann Legendre.

Bring nature inside in another way: deck your home with pretty wreaths and flower/leaf arrangements! These are great for adding pops of vivid colors around the house, while simultaneously adding a rustic charm. This display is easy to achieve and would look great on any entry table.

These beautiful center pieces are perfect fillers for those empty spaces on your dining room table, giving it a gorgeous finishing touch.

2. Metals

When you think of metals, you may think cold, hard, and not exactly “cozy.” But just the opposite is true! Touches of bronze, silver and gold can give your home that warm feeling. Replacing your super bright, summer-y vases and wall pieces with structured sculptural items, will add character and sophistication to your home that visitors a sure to notice!

This especially seasonal autumn table features a mercury glass pumpkin! It adds glam and shine to this rustic scenery. The best part is convenience: when the season is over, you can always store it and use it again for next year!

3. Knits ‘n Things

Remember those oversized sweaters mentioned earlier? Well, what could be better to warm up your home than actually dressing it up in knits too? Grab your coziest knitted blanket and throw it over your loveseat for an instant snug feel. If you have dark wooden floors, add a fun, contrasting fuzzy rug! This adds texture and depth to your space.

I’m absolutely infatuated with this room designed with merchandise from ByNord’s Autumn/Winter Catalogue; it makes you feel the inexplicable need to go into hibernation. LOVE!

4. Candles

Lighting really does makes a difference in how a room is perceived, and the general “mood” we get from being in it. When a space doesn’t have the correct lighting to match this mood, it doesn’t matter how cozy and cool the furniture and decorations are – it just won’t come together for you. The days are getting shorter and shorter as this season rolls in; lighting is imperative.

Options for illuminating your space are limitless – whether your personal style is one of modern elegance or of classic antiquity, there is bound to be something for you. Candles fit into any of these styles! The natural radiance, warmth and serenity that candles bring into a room is absolutely unparalleled!

Scented candles add an important seasonal element and coziness factor. In the spirit of autumn, check out these lovely pumpkin scented candles from NEST Fragrances called Pumpkin Chai! They create a “cozy autumn ambiance” for any home. Love, love, love!

5. Pumpkins, Schmumpkins

Speaking of pumpkin chai… what is fall without pumpkins? There are legions of creative ways you can use this versatile, gourd shaped fruit (yes, FRUIT) to put cozy finishing touches on your home. They’re perfect for more than just pie; you can decorate your mantle with them, line them up outside your doorstep, and use them as table center pieces! A little pie can’t hurt, though.

Here are a couple DIY projects we’re in love with this season from design blogger Sibylle of ‘Funkytime‘:

Ombre Pumpkins! This is a simple, fun DIY that turns your blah-pumpkins into cute little gourds. The paint gives them personality, and makes them totally different from what you’d normally see. Did I mention they’re cute?

I bet you’re wondering, “how is this one even possible?” The process is called “decoupaging,” known as a form of decorating done on an object by gluing cutouts in a skillful manner and sealing them with varnishes until the cutout has a painted on look. The technique is typically used on boxes and small furnishings, but here, it’s used on a pumpkin! Descoupaged Pumpkins are a perfect way to personalize them, and are certainly conversation starters!

Pumpkins are the ultimate fall decoration tool! Here a few other ways to use pumpkins around the house:

Pile them on! Grab gourds of every size, shape and color to line your front steps. Paired with a few pots full of colorful mums and sage, this display is an inviting way to greet your guests at the door.

This display, created by the design experts at Midwest Living, is absolutely gorgeous! One of the gourds is hollowed out to create a makeshift vase for the berries, orange tulips and leaves, giving you a very natural appearance and surprising sophistication.

This change of season is your opportunity to reinvent your home and get a little creative. Let nature be your inspiration, and most importantly, have fun!


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