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AnasayfaHaberler6 Weird Sex Positions You’ve Never Heard of

6 Weird Sex Positions You’ve Never Heard of

These are some of the craziest sex positions in the book! No, you’ve probably never even heard of them, and no, you probably wouldn’t have the courage to try them all out.

However, even though they do sound weird, unachievable and even dangerous, if you follow these little tips, you can pull ‘em off, without breaking a sweat.

It’s new, it is interesting, and it’s a challenge! So, why not?

1. 69 – While Standing!

For this one, your boyfriend must have the strength that is necessary to lift you up, while you are turned upside down. It’s not easy, so start slow! You need to start from the sitting position, in a higher chair, and doing the infamous 69. Help each other to get into position – your heads must be at each other’s genital areas. Then while he holds your back, wrap your legs around his neck and shoulders. When he lifts you up – the fun begins!

It’s smart to wrap it up quickly just ‘cause you’re in a pretty weird position. Don’t risk getting hurt. Yeah, all good things must quickly come to an end, right? Oh, and be careful when you want to get back to normal. Do it step by step, just like you started.

2. The Weirdest Spoon

There are many kinds of spoon positions. They’re all liked ‘cause it’s very intimate, and with it comes the possibility for more kissing and cuddling.

However, in this case you’ll have to try a little bit to get it right. This is the bent spoon! It should go something like this – he’s lying on his back with you lying on top of him, on your back as well. Your knees are bent and your arms spread. Voila! Now, let him please you – the whole point is for you to be as inactive as possible, and just let go. He should touch your breasts, kiss your neck and whisper sweet nothings in your ear for full enjoyment!

3. Be the Frog!

This one’s not as complicated as some of the others, but that definitely doesn’t mean that you’ll enjoy it any less.

The way to do it is for you to literally get into the position of a frog, and let him enter you from behind. Arch your back as much as you can, because that way you’re giving him easier access. It’s better that he supports your hips as your motions become quicker so you don’t end up with your face hitting the floor.

*Hot tip: Try this position out, with a mirror included. It can be a big turn on if you watch each other during your crazy ride.

4. Seated Scissors!

The seated scissors are great for so many reasons! It’s all about the right angle of penetration for mutual satisfaction, and extra stimulation of the G-spot. Intercross each other’s legs, but not too tight, so you can still move, more or less, freely. It’s best if you manage to lean slightly forward, over his leg.

The thing about this position is that it provides you with great conditions to get really intimate and sensual. Your faces will be very close so you’ll be able to look each other in the eyes, kiss, speak etc.

5. Superwoman!

It’s doggy stile in the extreme. Just remember that gravity is working against you when it comes to this one! Most of your body is going to be up in the air the entire time. That’s right! So, prepare for the flight, warn your pilot that you are ready, and tell him to hold on to you tight.

Put your hands on a something sturdy, like a table, and stretch out your body so that the half of your torso remains on the table and the rest is in his hands. Literally! He must hold you by the hips near the waist and penetrate you slowly so he doesn’t hurt your back. This one is no joke, so make sure your lover is gentle, patient and careful.

6. Weirdest Blow Job

Most definitely one of the strangest ways to give your boyfriend an oral satisfaction! It’s not even that hard on you actually, he is the one that’ll have to go through some trouble to get it.

For this one he’ll have to be upside down, with only his elbows and the top of his head on the floor. You can help him out and put one arm around his waist to help him balance. When he’s safe in the air your job begins!

Don’t be afraid to go outside the box! And don’t give up if you don’t make it happen the first time. Relax, be persistent and have fun with your man! Oh, and don’t forget to let us know how it went in the comment section!


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