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7 Types of Guys That Are “Bad News”

This does not mean that you are unaware of his flaws though. Once the jitters you have at the beginning of a relationship are gone, you will start realizing that he is not exactly perfect. Not that this matters once you’ve fallen for him, but let’s have a quick look at what kind of guys are considered to be “bad news.”

1. Best Friends With His Ex Girlfriend

Maintaining a friendship with an ex is fine. If there was no need for the two of them to stop talking to each other that means that he managed to end the relationship successfully and on time. It’s also good news that his ex isn’t holding a grudge. Being best friends with his ex is a completely different story. It’s weird and it always turns out to be bad news.

2. Busy All the Time Guy

Busy, busy, busy. Always busy. Never has enough time for anything. He’ll try to squeeze you in to his schedule sometime next week after Thursday but no promises. Still, somehow, miraculously, he manages to find time for the gym, going out with his friends and weekend getaways without you. Are you sure the busy bee is the right guy for you?

3. Calls His Mom Every Day Guy

Unless the woman is ill or lonely or there is some other rational excuse for him to call his mom every day, this type of guy may not be long-term material. I’m afraid you might be dating a mama’s boy. Do you really want to go down the road of romance with his mom in the driver’s seat?

4. Mr. Know-It-All

Everybody is ignorant and he’s the only one blessed with knowledge. You will often catch him asking to himself “Am I the only intelligent person left on Earth?” You have been doing everything wrong this whole time, but luckily you met him and he will educate you. The boy’s bad news, trust me.

5. Single Size Bed Guy

He does not live in a dorm, yet he still sleeps in a single size bed? Even a guy who sleeps on the floor is a better option; at least the floor can fit two people.

6. Healthy Food Guy

If he’s on a proper diet that is always welcome. He might teach you a thing or two about healthy eating habits. But being overly obsessed with eating healthy all the time? Dear girl, say goodbye to pizza, burgers, ice-cream, popcorn and coke. Also, get used to feeling uncomfortable every time you two are at a restaurant because you’ll be watching him taking all those “unhealthy” ingredients out of his plate.

7. No Alcohol Guy

I’m not saying that dating a lush is a better option, but there must be something wrong with a guy who wouldn’t touch alcohol even if his life depended on it. This guy may sound ideal because you’ll always have somebody sober to drive you home, but in today’s world this lifestyle choice is unusual, to say the least. It could be just his healthy habit, and that’s fine. However, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that he already completed the twelve-step program.


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