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Azerbaijan Meets Los Angeles

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Azerbaijan Meets Los Angeles. Skirball Cultural Center was the venue for a fabulous evening of Azerbaijani Music, Art, and Food on   Tuesday, February 5, 2013.

The cultural event started with a concert at 6:30pm where Azrebaijani Mugham was blended masterfully with American Jazz by the talented musicians in Imamyar Hasanov’s Mugham Trio and Peter Sprague’s Jazz Quartet.

This musical feast was followed by the opening of a art exhibition displaying ancient artifacts and other works of art from the museums of the State Customs (Traditions) Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan.  Keynote speaker opening the art exhibit was Aydin Aliyev, Chairman of the State Customs  Committee.

The organization was carried out smoothly by Azerbaijan’s Consul General in Los Angeles, Hon.  Nasimi Aghayev and the guests were treated to a scrumptious buffet dinner featuring Azerbaijan’s delicacies.

The event was very well attended by Americans, Azerbaijani and Turkish expatriates, diplomats, NGOs, industrialists, media, business people, students and scholars.  Among the attendees were the Turkish Vice Consul general Tolga Arslan,  Turkish Commercial Attache Gurkan Suzer,  presidents of ATAA, Ergün KIRLIKOVALI, ATASC, Dr. Vega Sankur, OCTAA, Dr. Javid Huseynov, and directors of ATASC Board, Burcu Tansu and many others.

President KIRLIKOVALI commented:

I congratulate Consul General Aghayev for this wonderful cultural event effectively promoting Azerbaijan’s culture, art and cuisine.   Because of such successful events, Azerbaijan is front and center in Los Angeles now.  Americans are slowly discovering this far away land of magical beauty and peace.”


by ATAA President, Ergün KIRLIKOVALI


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