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Feng Shui for Your Home

It is believed that proper Feng Shui is beneficial for better health, wealth and good fortune. It is a way of living because it involve every aspect of your daily routine, from the office to your bedroom, living room or bathroom. Feng Shui is not about just placement of certain objects, it is about finding the right place, color, lighting for each room, in order to achieve balance and harmony. Here are some of basic Feng Shui Items for home and where to place them.

Before you even start thinking about Feng Shui items, you must clean up your home of everything that is not useful. You must clean up the clutter which represents bad energy. After you are done, you can move on to colors, shapes and basic Feng Shui elements.

The Five Elements

Earth, fire, wood, metal and water are five basic Feng Shui elements. Wood is represented with green and brown, fire with red, strong shades of yellow, orange, purple and hot pink. White and gray are used for metal, blue and black for water, while earth is soft yellow, light brown and sand. Green is great for improving health and it should be used in the East Feng Shui bagua area of your home . White should be places in the West, and it is connected to creativity and children. Blue items should be placed in the North bagua area for career growth, while placed in the East it is beneficial for family and health and in Southeast for wealth.

The Trinity

The main energy centers of your home are the bedroom, the bathroom and the kitchen. While these rooms are essential for the flow of positive energy, it doesn’t mean you should not clean out every other room, from basement to hallways. Start with small Feng Shui items, because you don’t want to overwhelm your home. Make sure to pay special attention to the lighting and do not forget the colors.

Feng Shui Items for the Bathroom

Feng Shui Items for the Bathroom (via besthomedecorators.com)

In Feng Shui philosophy, bathrooms are considered to be places where negative energy accumulates. If you want to make your bathroom more positive, you need to make it look and feel like a tiny spa. Use mirrors, but make sure that you cannot see toilet’s reflection. Keep it very clean, place a bamboo plant and use delicious scents and oils to create a peaceful space. Candles are welcome, as well as relaxing music. Your bathroom should be the place where you can clear your mind and release stress.

Feng Shui Items for the Bedroom

Feng Shui Items for the Bedroom (via uratexblog.com)

Use only images, such as photographs and paintings which you want to see happening in your life. Avoid placing the bed in a direct line with the door and have your bed approachable from both sides. Candles are the best Feng Shui bedroom lighting, but make sure to always have a clean air, whether you just open the windows often or use an air-purifier to keep the air full of fresh oxygen. TV sets or computers should not be placed anywhere in the bedroom. Use shades of red for passion and love, but don’t over do it, so in order to keep the balance, combine them with pastels. Otherwise, to improve décor use Buddha statues, lucky bamboos and bagua pendants.

Feng Shui Items for Kitchen

The kitchen is considered to be the hearth of the home but it’s also a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Fresh flowers or fruit are welcome. Soft yellow paint, is the most appropriate choice for the walls. Kitchens combine all of the elements: you have an oven for the fire, granite counters, representing earth, water running through the sink; metals in the appliances. The sink should be next to window, because blue is color of water. Cabinets, counter tops, stools and tables should have soft edges, and if it is possible choose low storage cabinets. Everything in the kitchen should be positive, so you can play with shapes and colors, as well as items, as long as you don’t clutter it or make it look overdone.


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