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Hot Tricks to Arouse Your Guy in Just a Few Seconds

He’s watching a game and you’re sitting next to him when you suddenly feel kind of hot and horny – what to do? Well there’s tons of stuff you could try! Like…

1. Give Him a Massage!

And then turn it into this sensual steamy sort of thing! If you’re on the couch together, just slip behind him and start rubbing his shoulders. Then you can slowly give him soft little kisses on the back of his neck and take his shirt off! You’ll see how your little massage session will turn into you two getting it on in no time!

2. Get a Little Dominatrix!

No guy minds having his girl be in control, especially, if you usually are not that way! Of course you know him well, so you know how far you can go but a blindfold and a little light bondage never hurt anybody! Just saying! No matter if you just grab him by the tie the minute he walks home from work and usher him to the bedroom or actually tie him to something in that very same bedroom – he’ll get happy real soon!

3. Inappropriate Touches!

There’s just something totally arousing about acting a bit inappropriately somewhere where you’re not supposed to be doing the naughty! Like at a fancy dinner or at a cocktail party or something… Of course you don’t want to make it distasteful and you don’t want other people to catch you copping a feel! So keep it light but allow yourself a little playtime if you’re feeling playful – be sure he’ll still be ready to go when you get to somewhere private!

4. Dance Your Way to Getting There!

A little erotic slow dancing goes a long way! If you’ve got the moves, show him what you can do on the dance floor of a club or at in the privacy of your own bedroom! It’d be more convenient if you do it in the bedroom though, you know, because you’d want to have the bed nearby afterwards…

5. Dress to the Nines!

Surprise him by getting all fixed up and hot without any special occasion. You can wear tighter clothes, or show off a little more skin than usual, or get some really sexy underwear, or go commando and bend down to pick something up. Do something a bit out of the ordinary and on the sexy side and that should do the trick!

6. Join Him in the Shower!

You two, naked, water is running, the bathroom is getting steamy – he’ll go with the natural flow! So, pop in, smile mischievously, don’t say a word and just kiss him. He’ll be stunned at first but he’ll switch to being aroused in a matter of seconds don’t worry!

7. Sweet Nothings in His Ear!

That’s the way to get him how you want him – talk and tease. Words are a powerful, often underused, tool when it comes to sexual shenanigans! So next time you’re in his arms, make your way to his ear and tell him what you want to do to him, or, what you want him to do to you!


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