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How to Have Hair Like Miley Cyrus

The always chic Hollywood star makes red carpet fashion choices far wiser then her 21 years. Miley’s hair is also a fashion statement of its own, and here’s how to easily copy her style.


Miley’s hair is naturally a dark blond, but the actress has been experimenting with different shades of blond and brown. The “basic” Miley color is a darker blond with medium sized honey highlights, to add texture and volume to the hair. You can also use a reddish brown for the base color. Lately, the young Hollywood princess has shown us a few different looks, and our favorite is the full blond looks which really accentuates her blue eyes.

Long and Wavy

Long and Wavy

Miley’s hair has been really long for most of her career, so this is probably the most recognizable look. The young Hollywood singer-actress had a care-free cut which wasn’t very defined, so there is little chance of getting it wrong.

Just cut a few strands around your face so they frame it nicely. Dry your hair upside-down for added volume around the crown, and use a large curling iron if your hair is naturally straight.

When done, rub a little shine serum into the ends to help define them. If you want to keep your hair out of your face, pin a few strands back and let the rest fall loose around your shoulders.

Fresh Cut

Fresh Cut (via celebsvenue.in)

If you like having bangs, the ‘do that Miley was rocking in her Hannah Montana days will be perfect for you. This cut works on any color, so if you don’t feel like visiting a colorist, try it out first on your natural hair.

The good thing is that it’s a look that will work for every age, so ask your stylist for a straight cut around the length of your shoulders and long, thick bangs. Regular blow-drying or using a hair straightening iron is a must.

Shoulder Length

Shoulder Length (via thereseeberg.blogg.se)

Cyrus recently had a simple bob, which she wore slightly wavy to add volume and make the ‘do more interesting. She added the trendy halfway highlights, so the hair is darker closer to the crown, and lighter towards the ends.

Ask your stylist for a cut that’s a little shorter in the back, with long bangs that you can wear down or make a side parting and put them over one eye. Use a straightening iron to give it the sleek, super-straight glamorous look.

Really Short

Really Short (via twitter.com)

Miley has been redefining her image recently, and surprised her fans with a cute pixie cut. If you want to make this radical change, ask your stylist for an asymmetrical short cut that’s longer on top, so you can sweep the front to the side. She also bleached her hair and added a few punk-inspired spikes, although I have to say this look is more Madonna and Cyndi Lauper cca 1980. than Miley.

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