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AnasayfaHaberlerHow To Look Like Candice Swanepoel

How To Look Like Candice Swanepoel

The South African blonde bombshell has been rocking the runways for some time now, and is considered one of the hottest models today, not to mention one of the world’s most beautiful and stylish women. We give you the essential tips and advice on how to get Candice’s hair, body, style and makeup in no time!

Become A Blond Angel


If you are naturally blessed with honey blonde tresses, you are just a few steps away from getting that catwalk ready look. If not, book an appointment with a colorist, but make sure you are ready for blonde. If your hair is really dark or black, maybe just a lighter shade of brown will do – the only thing you certainly DON’T want is looking like somebody did your hair with a bottle of acid and ruined it in the process. Pick a shade that will work with your skin tone and eye color. Looking for a new shade to freshen up your look? Read about this season’s trendiest hair colors here.


Candice’s hair is long and slightly wavy – did you notice how all those Angels look like their hair needs about five minutes with a brush and hairdryer and it’s good to go? Oh well… Candice told “Seventeen” mag that she doesn’t bother much with hair (we believe her… right?), but she does insist on a good trim every month or two. For more tips on how to keep your hair healthy, click here.

For the sexy, tousled look, section your hair into 12 parts and set it on medium/large rollers. Blast each with the hairdryer set on hot for 20 seconds, then switch to cold and give it another ten. This helps set the hair faster. Remove rollers, comb roughly with your fingers and apply shine serum or hairspray if needed. You can also go full glam and first straighten your hair, then use a large curling iron to give the front of it that Jessica Rabbit look.

Have an Angel’s Body & Face

Have an Angel’s Body & Face (via http://www.picstopin.com)

All the Angels say it’s simple – healthy diet, plenty of exercise, and lots of water. This model swears by a healthy breakfast, omelettes, plenty of veggies and indulging in your cravings every once in a while, as long as you up the exercise tempo afterwards. The South African beauty does yoga, boxing and hours on the treadmill. Want to know Candice’s workout routine? Watch it here.

Swanepoel uses plenty of moisturizer, and she doesn’t leave the house without lip balm, to keep that pout looking fresh. Her make-up is usually all about the eyes – heavy eyeliner or smoky eye, but she also likes the trend of full, red lips with nude eyes. Watch famous make-up artist Jenna Anton do Candice’s face here.

Get Candice’s Style

Swanepoel says she loves Seventies style, and her fashion must-haves are daisy dukes, leather pants and an awesome summer dress. If you’re not into rocking leather, here’s how to look like Candice Swanepoel without the leather pants.


While dashing through the airport, Candice sports her favorite daisy dukes paired with a simple white top. She added some glamour with snake print booties, and to keep her warm, she threw on a sheepskin-lined jacket. The model accessorized with a bright red bag. How simple – the basics, the clever details, and your casual outfit gets instant supermodel appeal.

  • Denim shorts (sheinside.com)
  • White jersey (jades24.com)
  • Balenciaga jacket (farfetch.com)
  • Mango bag (mango.com)
  • Giuseppe Zanotti mixed texture booties (shopbop.com)

Street Wear

This is another casual look for the model, but I decided to dress it up a little bit so it can work for evening too. Again the basics – a white top, a simple skater skirt and cute sandals. Add sunnies and gold bangles, and an elegant clutch.

  • Don’t Ask Amanda skirt (generalpants.com.au)
  • Basic neppy tee (topshop.com)
  • Thong sandals (chineselaundry.com)
  • Elissa clutch (allsaints.com)
  • Ray Ban Wayfarer gradient sunglasses (styleflavors.com)
  • Miso bangle set (republic.co.uk)


Looking at pictures of this girl on the red carpet, you can tell it’s all about one thing – cleavage! Candice shows off her curves in one low cut dress after another, but here’s a look that can work for anyone because the skirt can be different in order to hide any flaws on the lower body.

Start with a bustier dress, or top with a wraparound (or any type you like) skirt and interesting booties. Candice also plays up her blue eyes with a lot of eyeliner, and instead of bracelets, she went with a couple of rings. These are ideal for adding color to the look, like we did here with the orange stone. Again, simple and stylish!

  • D&G corset top (net-a-porter.com)
  • Carolina Herrera pencil skirt (theoutnet.com)
  • Giuseppe Zanotti pumps (pinterest.com)
  • Folli Follie black ring (follifollie.us.com)
  • Lewis Henry silver band (kabiri.co.uk)
  • Orange cocktail ring (johnlewis.com)
  • Estee Lauder Quick Thick eyeliner (nordstrom.com)

Cover photo: www.tuffwallpapers.com


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