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AnasayfaEnglish NewsKobe Bryant in Istanbul for Turkish Airlines’ new commercial

Kobe Bryant in Istanbul for Turkish Airlines’ new commercial

Kobe Bryant, the international brand face of Turkish Airlines, which took great steps towards becoming a global brand in the last years, came to Istanbul for shootings of Turkish Airlines’ commercial

As one of the most renowned figures in basketball worldwide, Kobe Bryant became Turkish Airlines’ international brand face with the sponsorship agreement signed last year. After the first commercial featuring him that was shot last year broadcasted all through the world and received positive feedback, preparations for the second commercial have begun.

Holding the record of flying to the highest number of countries, with 87 countries, Turkish Airlines’ markets include the Far East and America continent in particular. Serious investments are made both through wide-body aircraft added to the fleet recently and marketing activities in these destinations.

Researches show that Kobe Bryant, who is shown as one of the world’s most valuable sportsmen, is followed more curiously in the territories of America, the Far East, China, and the Middle East.

The new commercial to feature Kobe Bryant includes a big surprise as well. The first part of the shootings will be in Istanbul Ataturk International Airport and the second abroad. To be realized with the cooperation of Turkish, Dutch, Spanish, and American teams, the commercial is planned to be broadcasted worldwide in late 2012.

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About Turkish Airlines

Established in 1933 with a fleet of 5 airplanes, Turkish Airlines, a member of Star Alliance is a 4-star airline today that flies to 202 destinations in total worldwide with 167 international and 35 domestic destinations, with 186 (passenger and cargo) airplanes. According to the results of Skytrax evaluation, Turkish Airlines was chosen as the winner of the 3 categories, “Best Airline Europe”, “Best Premium Economy Seats” for its Comfort Class seats, and “Best Airline Southern Europe” in 2011 and 2012. Turkish Airlines awarded with ‘Best Food, Economy-Class’ title by Skytrax in 2010 and ‘The Best Onboard Food” by Skyscanner in 2011. Turkish Airlines is one of the first airlines offering ‘Flying Chef’ service on long-distance flights to Business Class passengers.

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