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Los Angeles – Education

Education in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a hub like any other major city for a diverse group of people and gatherings. The education systems within Los Angeles are no different. For public schools of the K-12 variety, there is the Los Angeles Unified School District, which is one of the largest in the United States. It hosts over eight hundred thousand students and covers most of its district over a majority of Los Angeles, though some small sections may be run by other smaller school districts.

For higher education, there are the three public universities in the city: California State University Los Angeles, California State University Northridge, and University of California Los Angeles. Along with those are various specialty private schools for the Arts, Sciences and other specialties. Also included are some Law Schools within the mix as well.

Having over twenty-thousand students mostly from Los Angeles, and over two hundred thousand alumni, California State University offers many of its own majors. It has six colleges and fifty different academic departments within. Majors include business, criminal justice, nursing, engineering, science, arts and others.

Established in 1952, California State University of Northridge has about sixty-one fields for getting bachelor degrees, and for the master degrees it has forty-two fields. It is the third largest university in the school system, and the fourth in California overall. Included on campus are schools for Art, Media, Communications, Education, Business, Health & Human, Humanities, Mathematics, and others as well. Set as a public research school, University of California, Los Angeles, features over three hundred programs, and a student populace of over thirty-seven thousand students. It hosts a number of colleges of different studies, many of which have pushed on Alumni who are now members of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and the Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Table of Contents

1. City History
2. Living in City
3. Job Opportunities
4. Restaurants & Food
5. Arts & Entertainment
6. Sightseeing
7. Nightlife
8. Shopping & Fashion
9. Health & Beauty
10. Hotel & Hospitality
11. Education
12. Transportation
13. Government Services

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