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AnasayfaHaberlerStyle Inspiration: How to Look Like Taylor Swift

Style Inspiration: How to Look Like Taylor Swift

She seems to enjoy 50’s fashion the most, keeping the clean and girly look. If you like Taylor’s style, here are several outfits that will make you look like your favorite music star.

Taylor Swift’s style can be described as vintage chic, with a strong feminine side. Her trademark is hot red lipstick, which she wears even while she is on the beach. Even when she is all dressed up, she always seems to look a bit modest, almost shy, which is why her outfits are appropriate for every age.

Even though she is a super star, she always looks fresh faced and cozy, so no wonder she is considered to be among best influences on younger generations. And that is not all because it seems to me that some older celebrities could learn a lot from a young and talented lady, we all support and love.

Outfit No 1

For a sunny day, Taylor choose a simple turquoise dress, that only flatters her body, but looks great against the pale skin. The cut and length are appropriate for various occasions, especially when the dress is paired with a classic, low heel pumps and a leather messenger bag.

Hot red lipstick completes this outfit, giving it a personal signature, while a pair of black sunglasses adds a touch of mystery. This is an outfit you can wear during day time, while you are shopping or having a launch with your friends, but you can also wear it during evenings, when you are going to the movies or for a walk with your other half.

  • Wayfarer Sunglasses (ocshades.com)
  • Lipstick (rimmellondon.com)
  • Nail Lacquer (sephora.com)
  • Tory Burch Cross-Body Bag (jildorshoes.com)
  • L.K.Bennett sandals (johnlewis.com)
  • Dress (topshop.com)

Outfit No 2

If you are a fan of stripes, use them in your advantage, like Taylor Swift does. Vertical stripes made Taylor’s already long legs look even longer, while her tiny upper frame looked a bit stronger and more powerful with horizontal stripes. You can see how much Taylor enjoys vintage inspired clothes and accessories, if you take a good look at her red shoes and a purse.

Lady like details, like pearl stud earrings and hot red lips look very feminine, while blue nail polish and some chunky rings made this outfit youthful and even more fun. You can wear it everywhere, it is not an outfit that is related to any current trends, it is a classic that will look great at any time.

  • Jersey Dress (svpply.com)
  • Pearl Stud Earrings (endless.com)
  • Lauren Merkin Stevie Satchel (endless.com)
  • Frye Ada Sandals (starstyleinc.com)
  • Opi I Don’t Give A Rotterdam Nail Polish (nelly.com)
  • Ray-Ban Sunglasses (macys.com)
  • Obo Ethnic Ring (shopfriiscompany.com)
  • Himalayan Gems Ring (hsn.com)
  • Lip Gloss (next.co.uk)

Outfit No 3

With a little spray tan, Taylor Swift managed to look like million dollars on the red carpet for a prestigious Teen Choice Awards. Soft rose dress, nude and elegant pair of pumps and golden accessories is a great choice for a friend’s wedding or a prom night. Instead of a posh clutch, choose a one with some hot pink details and make sure that your make up is au naturel. This look is quite charming and attractive, even though it seems conventional.

  • Harem Earrings (astleyclarke.com)
  • Bracelet (warehouse.co.uk)
  • Maybelline Lipstick (nelly.com)
  • Christian Louboutin Peep Toe Pumps (barneys.com)
  • Casadei Clutch (farfetch.com)
  • Maria Lucia Hohan Dress (mlh-shop.com)

Outfit No 4

How to wear hot pants and still look classy? Taylor knows an answer to that question. While she is showing off her amazing legs, she is wearing a simple pair of flats, an oversized shirt and a vintage inspired bag. This whole outfit is very Lolita like, especially with a pair of cat eye shaped sunglasses and a touch of red on the lips. This casual outfit is a great choice for hot, sunny days, when you are going shopping or for a walk.

  • Ballet Flats (stevenalan.com)
  • Elizabeth & James Cat Eye Sunglasses (piperlime.gap.com)
  • Levi’s Shorts (net-a-porter.com)
  • Marc by Marc Crossbody Bag (stylebop.com)
  • Shirt (riverisland.com)
  • Lancôme Rouge (nordstrom.com)

Outfit No 5

It is quite obvious by now that Taylor is not a fan of tight clothes. She prefers comfort and simplicity, while staying true to her style. She is not to keen on trends either, but it is obvious that Taylor likes fashion and that is what makes a style icon, even though she is in her early 20’s. So, if you though those black and white combinations are boring, Taylor can prove you wrong.

Take a simple skater skirt, wear with a basic white shirt, but accessories it properly in order to get an amazing outfit. This school girl look requires knee high socks with oxford shoes and some chunky jewelry in gold. Pick up your hair and add some glamour with the hot red lip gloss and you are ready to go. This is an outfit you can wear to work or when you are out for a cocktail night with your friends.

  • Belt (bananarepublic.gap.com)
  • Oxford Shoes (endless.com)
  • Skirt (missselfridge.com)
  • Helmut Lang Top (matchesfashion.com)
  • Knee High Socks (barneys.com)
  • Miu Miu Tote (net-a-porter.com)
  • Sisley Lip-gloss (bloomingdales.com)
  • Bangle Set (whitehouseblackmarket.com)

Outfit No 6

Show the world how big your heart is. With a pair of skinny jeans and everyday flats, you get a cozy and comfy outfit. If you want to spice it up, curl your hair and show some skin with an oversized sweater, with a huge heart on it. This is a great outfit your younger women who enjoy looking effortlessly cool.

  • Maybelline Lipstick (nelly.com)
  • Jeans (my-wardrobe.com)
  • Banjo & Matilda Sweater (net-a-porter.com)
  • Lace up Shoes (topshop.com)
  • Vida Vida Messenger Satchel (pretaportobello.com)
  • Remington Curling Iron (kohls.com)

Outfit No 7

Summer is coming to an end which means that new fashion year is just around the corner. Pair of brogues shoes, a girly dress and a rock chic jacket is a great way to shine even during the rainy days. You don’t need to wear colors in order to brighten up your day. All you need is a stylish way to mix and match different styles, while sticking to black and brown, hottest colors for the upcoming fall days.

  • NW3 Annabel Dress (johnlewis.com)
  • Rick Owens Jacket (net-a-porter.com)
  • Tights (titlenine.com)
  • Børn ‘Ibis’ Flats (nordstrom.com)
  • Carter Crossbody Bag (botkier.com)
  • Revlon Waterproof Mascara (drugstore.com)

Cover photo: wallpaper1213.blogspot.com


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