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The Power of Indigo – Color Theraphy

If you love this color as much as I do, then read below to find out more about the amazing power of indigo and discover how it can affect your body and mind.

A few Basic Facts about Indigo…

1. Indigo is related to the brow chakra or the third eye, which is located exactly at the center of the forehead. The organs linked with this chakra are eyes, lower head and sinuses, while its endocrine gland is the pituitary gland.

2. Indigo has a calming and sedative effect and it is the color associated with self-responsibility, as well as with faith and trust in your intuition and instincts.

3. Some of the positive aspects of the indigo color (i.e. when the indigo color or the brow chakra is balanced) include: high intuition, imagination, faithfulness, fearlessness, loyalty, empathy, devotion to duty, and being practical, idealistic and wise.

The negative effects of the indigo color (i.e. when the indigo color or the brow chakra is imbalanced) are: unrealistic idealism, fearfulness, separation from reality, intolerance, separateness, being impractical, inconsiderate, timid, as well as getting depressed easily.

Complementary Color

The complementary color of indigo is orange.

Physical Disorders that can Be Treated with Indigo

Indigo is cooling, astringent, analgesic, and anesthetic. It is considered to be a natural antibiotic, and it is helpful in treating eye, ear, sinus, nasal and throat problems, as well as migraines. It is a good blood purifier, it reduces and stops excessive bleeding, and it improves muscular tonicity.

Psychological Effects of Indigo

Indigo is a strong sedative that induces deep sleep. It has a very calming effect and it can eliminate fear, frustration and timidity, and help achieve deeper levels of consciousness.

Indigo can also be very helpful in combating addictions, as well as in treating mental problems such as hallucinations and psychosis.

Overdose of Indigo

Excessive use of indigo can cause depression and a sense of loneliness and detachment. In some cases, it may also lead to egomania.

It should always be balanced with orange.

Use and wear indigo when:

  • You feel anxious and frustrated;
  • When you need to calm your nerves;
  • When you have troubles falling asleep;
  • When you have hearing problems;
  • When you have headaches;

Color Therapy and the Power of Indigo in Your Everyday Life

1. Indigo is not indicated for entertainment areas, but it is an excellent choice for rest areas, treatment rooms, private retreats, and bedrooms. It is a color that promotes inner calmness and stimulates the melatonin production, which helps us fall asleep. Try sleeping on indigo colored sheets or wear indigo night gowns – it works great!

2. Indigo is also a very suitable color for studies and libraries – it opens up intuition, enhances awareness, perception and imagination, and stimulates the intellect.

3. A splash of indigo here and there will help you feel relaxed and more intuitive. You can wear indigo clothes or accessories, use indigo colored bulbs or night lamps, adorn your house with indigo colored flowers, or wear or display indigo gemstones around your house, such as azurite, blue sapphire, spinel, sodalite, indigo jade, lapis lazuli, and covelite.

If you follow these tips and if you try incorporating indigo into your everyday life, you will certainly start feeling all of the above mentioned amazing effects of this color. Let us know how you feel about it and please, share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!


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