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Turkish Coalition of America Deplores Foreign Affairs Committee Vote on House Resolution 252

March 4, 2010, Washington, DC – Today, the House Foreign Affairs Committee sent a signal to the world that the US is willing to sacrifice one of its most important, long-term strategic relationships for short-sighted political gains driven by an ethnic lobby. The Committee members who have voted for the Resolution have ignored their primary mandates of resolving the immediate and pressing concerns in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and other troubled parts of the world, and voted to waste the taxpayers’ time and money on a resolution that will alienate a key ally and trading partner.

H.Res.252, like previous incarnations of the so-called “Armenian genocide” resolution, should never have been on the docket of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Congress is neither the ‘conscience’ of the world, nor its historian. There are significant errors in the version of history that Congress is trying to legislate, and the passage of H.Res.252 will bury the truth under a mound of politics.

The Committee has substituted their judgment for that of international bodies that are better suited to render decisions on this sort of matter. Prior to the Committee’s vote, Turkey and Armenia were on track to ratify protocols that will establish a historical commission to investigate this very question. The status of those protocols is significantly less certain today. Rather than honoring the American belief in due process and the rule of law, the Committee has chosen to pass a verdict without allowing the Republic of Turkey its day in court.

TCA thanks all members of the Committee who have taken a principled stance on this issue and hopes that if this resolution is brought to a floor vote Congress will reject the misguided decision of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. TCA is calling on the Administration, particularly the Department of State, Department of Defense and the Department of Commerce, to urge Congress to table this erroneous resolution.

We take this opportunity to salute the Turkish American community that has stood in complete unity and solidarity on this issue and has added its voice, stronger than ever, to this important debate. The closeness of the vote shows that our efforts are making a difference and has strengthened our joint commitment to defend our heritage and continue our quest for truth, reconciliation and peace.

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