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What Dress to Wear With Broad Shoulders

The main thing about choosing clothes is hiding what we don’t want seen, and highlighting what we think are our best assets. If you have broad shoulders, maybe you think that you look like a professional swimmer, and don’t feel comfortable showing them off.

The trick is to pick a part of your body that you like and get a dress which will flatter and flaunt it. If you like your boobs, go for a low-cut gown, if you like your legs, show them off in a short dress. Maybe you are uncomfortable with your shoulders, but if you have a lean, muscular back, the good news is that guys love seeing it, so they will go wild for a backless dress.

Choosing a dress for a special occasion may be difficult, because girls often feel that bodily features usually associated with a male’s build can’t look feminine. Wrong! Here are a couple of dresses that you can feel comfortable and sexy in.

Short and Sweet

Show off your legs in these short dresses. Go for a cut that makes your waist look tiny, and flares downwards, so that you visually make your shoulders look smaller and the attention is drawn to your lower body. If you want to show off your curves, go for a tighter dress. If you’re going for casual elegance, the skater cut is perfect for you. The magic is in the detail – the first dress shows off your cleavage, the second your waist, and the third draws the eye to the asymmetrical skirt.

  • Laser cut dress (allyfashion.com)
  • Flower mesh dress (delias.com)
  • Dry Lake dress (nelly.com)

Show Some Back

These designs are feminine, sexy and show off your sculpted back. Experiment with length depending on the occasion, but I think this look works best with a knee-length or longer.

  • Nude dress (romwe.com)
  • Emilio Pucci lace gown (net-a-porter.com)
  • Pinko draped dress (sereneorder.com)


Low-cut dresses with or without sleeves are ideal if you want to show off your upper body and hide both shoulders and your legs. Since you will be showing serious skin “upstairs”, make sure the dress is longer and more stylish to avoid looking cheap. You can also pick from a variety of cool summer maxi dresses for a casual day out.

  • Lanvin satin cocktail dress (brownsfashion.com)
  • Herve Leger purple dress (stylebop.com)
  • Lanvin wrap dress (matchesfashion.com)


There are fun, sexy, cut-out designs out there that you should definitely try out. If you’re showing a little peep-through skin on your waist or hips, everybody’s attention will be drawn there. Nobody will be looking at your broad shoulders in the “Rare” sequined dress. If a guy sees you in this sexy, golden number, I don’t think he would notice if you had two heads.

  • Lipsy cut out dress (bankfashion.co.uk)
  • Rare sequined dress (topshop.com)
  • Club L dress (republic.co.uk)

There are a few designs that you should definitely avoid. Dresses with thick straps only draw attention to your shoulders and chest, and so do strapless, tube top dresses. And the one thing that will actually make your shoulders look bigger than they already are is the type of dress with straps that tie around the neck. Huge no-no!

Cover photo: www.boydolf.co.za


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