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What Short Hairstyle Is Right for You

Then she walks in. You know who I’m talking about. That edgy, artsy girl, who’s dressed in that perfect outfit and…. HER HAIR. You’re suddenly in love with that adorable, rock-star pixie cut she has going on. Then it occurs to you “I’m going to cut my hair.” Sound familiar? Hold it right there! Put the scissors down. While a short haircut may be more manageable and look great, there’s a short style for every kind of face shape, so get the right one!

First, let’s make sure that cutting your hair is actually what you want to do. Is this a real desire or simply a lack of patience in dealing with longer hair? Is there any product or treatment that can make it more manageable? Have you simply gotten bored with your look? Is there a less drastic change you could make, like layers, bangs, or temporarily dying your hair? If the answer to all these is no and you really want a short-haired look, read the article below and then call your most trusted hair stylist (now is not the time to try someone new) and book that appointment. You brave thing you.

If Your Face is Round:

Go for the pixie cut. The dimensions of the cut bring the eyes up, which diminishes the look of a fuller face. So if you’re afraid that your face is “too round” for a shortcut, it’s actually the opposite. A shorter cut will actually make your face look slimmer, kind of like pulling your hair into an updo.

As far as texture is concerned, this cut is ideal if you have thinner, straighter hair that lays flat. If not, you’re going to have to shave your layers down with a razor frequently to create the same effect.

If You Have a Heart-shaped Face:

A pixie cut is still a great idea, but you have more freedom when it comes to some sexy and edgy bangs. Bangs frame a heart-shaped face perfectly and really bring out a woman’s eyes. This is typically where you see the “shaved on one side, with long bangs on the other side” look. Rihanna style.

Again, stick to this look only if your hair is straight or has a very mild wave to it. It may be unmanageable for curly hair unless you’re flat ironing it or using a curling iron every day. See, shortcuts can be high maintenance too if you don’t go about it correctly!

If You Have a Square Face:


Okay curly and super wavy girls, this one is for you! Square faces really know how to rock that messy, layered bob look. If your hair is nice and thick, with textured curls or waves, this cut will give you a flirty, sexy look in no time. It frames the face perfectly and added layers give the hair that perfect bounce. Also, if you have curly, thick hair that seems damaged, then cutting at this length may be a good idea to repair some irreversible damage.

If your hair is straight this can still look good on you, however, realize your look will be more “sweetheart” than vixen. Think Katie Holmes instead of Keira Knightly.

For Long Faces:

The A-line bob is great for long faces. Short in the back and tapered in the front, this look is ideal for very straight hair. Go for this cut if you’re into the more tailored, polished look. It’s clean, and classic, without looking like June Cleaver.

Also if you have this style of hair and simply take a small-barreled curling iron to curl it, it will add width to the face shape.

If Your Face is Oval:

Lucky duck, most all haircuts that work for you. If you’re going to go with bangs, just make sure they stay proportionate to the height of your forehead. From there you have carte blanche to get creative and try something original and edgy. Collaborate with your hairstylist and maybe combine a few different looks you are fond of.

Safe Bets:

The Long Bob:

Go for something like the long-bob if you’re not ready to take the full plunge into shorter hair. This look is stylish, short, and yet still manageable enough to pull into an updo. It’s the perfect stepping stone if you’re still on the fence. It’s ideal for all face shapes, and all hair types.

A Wig:

Invest in a cute short wig for days that you’re feeling like something different. They can be a bit pricy but are worth it if you’re afraid of having to wait to grow your hair out all over again. Plus with a wig you really don’t have to be concerned with what texture of hair or face shape you have because they come in so many styles.

At the end of the day love, it’s just hair. It will grow back. So if you want to cut it, go for it, just be sure to do it at a pace you’re comfortable with. Try going from shoulder-length hair to a bob, and from a bob to a pixie cut instead of the drastic change from long to short. Also, a word of advice, don’t cut off too much hair during cold winter months unless you plan on investing in a warm hat. Brrrr….

Have you recently gotten a shortcut that you love? Or do you have additional tips to share? Leave them in the comment section below for the rest of the YouQueen community to read. We’re all in this together, one bad hair day at a time.

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