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Working Out the Derriere, the Fun Way

If you search the internet there will be booty booming tips galore, all suggesting things like a high protein diet, lots of squats and lunges, and a ton of elliptical work. However who has time for the gym? If it’s possible to get the same results while doing something fun, then why not go for it?

Also doctors and dieticians actually suggest doing something you really enjoy for your daily workout, as there is a higher likelihood of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and not losing interest. We’ve collected a few fun booty-boosting activities for you to try!

Indoor Rock Climbing

Step into an indoor rock-climbing gym and look up. The first thing you’ll see is every person’s behind. That’s because in order to do some successful rock climbing, the pose that allows you to move around with the most freedom is basically a squat. You keep your knees close to your chest so that when a rock seems out of reach your legs are able to propel you up.

This is ideal for women who may lack upper body strength. While the activity itself is really a full body workout, you’re utilizing a lot of the muscles in your upper thighs and gluteus maximus. Many indoor rock–climbing gyms offer year long memberships which will help ease the workout on your wallet. This is also a great place to meet men. Just saying….

Paddle Boarding

If you’re fortunate enough to live near a large body of water, we fully suggest taking advantage of that and incorporating it into your work out. The newest craze in water sports is paddle boarding. The trend comes to us from Hawaii, and has popped up everywhere from the beaches of LA to Mexico. Classes are fairly affordable and once you have it down it’s easy to find somewhere that will rent you a board by the hour (or even buy your own!). The trick in the beginning is getting your balance down, once you have that this can be a very relaxing sport. That peaceful moment of paddling your board on the crystal water easily beats out being screamed at by your spinning instructor.

The great part is, while you’re out there you’re not realizing what amazing work out you’re getting. The popular misconception with Paddle Boarding is that it’s an upper body work out due to all the paddling. However the truth is, all the muscles you’re keeping contracted to maintain your balance on the board are in your thighs and in your behind. Something you’ll definitely be feeling in the morning. All in all paddle boarding is a great activity for both your body and mind. Plus you look pretty cool while doing it.

Pole Dancing

The economy can be tough, but one career that’s always going to be around is stripping. Okay, so maybe you aren’t searching for a Plan B career choice but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn a thing or two from the Mistresses of the Pole. Pole Dancing is becoming a serious workout craze. Women everywhere (and some men) are gathering into pole-filled dance studios and shaking it like they’re auditioning for Showgirls 2.

As if that doesn’t sound like enough fun, the classes encourage students to bust out the kitten heels, bustier and short-shorts to wear while working out. Try wearing your Manolos on the elliptical and see what happens. While pole dancing does wonders for your abs, the strength used in your legs and derrière are certainly showcased. In addition to physical benefits, the boost in your confidence is astronomical. So go ahead and let your boyfriend know you’re signing up for a pole dancing class, we’ll wait….

Roller Skating

Remember Middle School? You and your girlfriends spinning around a roller rink, hand in hand? Well it’s still just as fun now as it was then. Leave the iPod at home and jam out to some old school music while circling around the rink.

This is a great activity to turn into a date night, or gather up the old gang to relive those pre-teen days. If you’ve never been rollerblading, or roller-skating, one thing you’ll notice is the motion of pushing your legs outward to propel yourself forward. This is a great work out for the behind and odds are you’ll be laughing the entire time.

Salsa Dancing

Have you ever checked out the behinds on dancers? They are perfectly round and perky! Get your dancer’s booty with a bit of caliente salsa dancing. You’ll love the music and hip swaying and will find it hard to believe that you’re toning up at the same time. Salsa dancing is also a wonderful way to meet new people as a lot of classes have you rotate partners.

One hour of dancing not enough? No problem, take your new moves out to a salsa club and work out to the sounds of a live band. Before you know it the only thing “loca’ will be how great you look from the back!

This is just the start. There are plenty of other ways to tone up your behind. Step back J.Lo, there’s a new queen in town.


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