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AnasayfaHaberlerYour Pin-Cation: 10 Coolest Locations You’ll Want to Pin

Your Pin-Cation: 10 Coolest Locations You’ll Want to Pin

Not your typical “trip to Cancun” board either, we’re talking that “I won billions of dollars in the lottery and now want to travel the world” board. With all the wanderlust streaming from board to board, Pinterest has become a much cooler, modern day National Geographic. Here we have gathered (in no particular order) ten of the coolest locations you’ll want to pin.

1. Fingal’s Cave. Staffa Scotland

Fingal’s Cave (via http://www.flickr.com)

So this is Fingal’s Cave. It was discovered in Scotland in 1772, on an island called Staffa. The way the noise echoes throughout the cave earned it the name “The Melodious Cave.” It’s beautiful, and it sings. No beating that.

2. Bagan, Myanmar

Bagan is a city in the Mandalay region of Burma. At one point it had over 10,000 Buddhist temples. That’s a lot of monks. If you’re looking to get your Eat, Pray, Love on, then this is the perfect place to be.

3. Buqshan hotel in Khaila, Yemen

Buqshan hotel in Khaila (via http://www.flickr.com)

If you find yourself in Yemen, we highly suggest checking out the Buqshan Hotel in Khaila. What’s pictured above is just one section of the hotel’s uniquely vibrant architecture.

4. Holi Festival of Color

Holi Festival of Color (via http://www.luxe-essentiel.com)

Lately the festival of color is topping everyone’s bucket list. If it’s on yours, simply head to India for the annual color festival that takes place every year in the end of February/early March.

5. Thailand’s Floating Market

It’s likely you’ve seen this place in magazines, movies, or on America’s Next Top Model. Thailand’s Floating Market is a unique experience that draws in travelers from around the world. Be sure to bring mosquito spray.

6. Senegal’s Lake, Retba

Senegal’s Lake (via amazingstuff.co.uk)

Also known as Lac Rose. Cyanobacteria in the earth beneath this lake has caused the water to turn an incredible shade of pink. The bacterium is harmless and the amount of salt content in the water makes it easy to swim.

7. Blue Lagoon Resort and Spa in Iceland

Blue Lagoon Resort and Spa in Iceland (via http://www.bluelagoon.com)

The geothermal spa and resort in Iceland brings new meaning to the word “blue”. The air and water here is said to be the cleanest and freshest in the world. Thank you glaciers. As for the water? It’s 98-102 degrees Fahrenheit.

8. Valencia, Spain

As the third largest city in Spain, you may want to reconsider ending your tour in Barcelona. Valencia’s modern architecture is unique to Spain and with a population of 2.3 million you’ve got a real party on your hands.

9. Austria’s Green Lake in Hochschwab Mountains

Austria’s Green Lake in Hochschwab Mountains (via http://www.dailymail.co.uk)

Okay so imagine this, during the winter there are hills upon hills filled with snow and hiking trails. Summer comes along and melts all the snow, flooding the entire area yet somehow everything remains in tact underwater. A scuba diver’s dream.

10. The Santissimo Sacramento Church of Santa Catarina, Brazil

The Santissimo Sacramento Church of Santa Catarina (via http://www.flickr.com)

Oh you thought Brazil was just for half naked people shaking their behinds during Carnival? Wrong. It’s also a place for cathedrals with a striking resemblance to the It’s A Small World ride at Disney. Absolutely stunning.


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